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Hacker News

Project Managed and programmed a Social News Aggregator in Java.
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Every 15 Minutes

I co-wrote, co-directed, co-shot, and co-edited a short film about youth drunk driving through a program with the State of California.
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Command & Control

Wrote a program that allows a user to send work through to a broker and then the broker can effectively distribute the work to a list of workers that are connected through the network. The workers are able to connect to the broker whenever they would like and prints the message given by the broker.
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Connect 4

Built a simple Connect 4 game in ARM Assembly where two players can play eachother or a user can play against a very basic computer player.
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Trinity College Dublin

Integrated Masters in Computer Science

  • First Year Overall Mark: I (Equivalent GPA 3.89)
  • Second Year Coursework:
    Algorithms & Data Structures, Systems Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Team Programing Project, Telecommunications, Concurrency & Operating Systems, Microprocessor Systems, Computer Architecture, Advanced French Language & Culture
  • First year coursework:
    Digital Logic Design, Electrotechnology, Telecommunications, Introduction to Programming, Programming Project, Introduction to Computing, Computer and Society, and Mathematics

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